en nitrate ▓meets organic acid, it can turn into nitrosamin▓e, a carcinogen. Soy milk and egg Soy milk contains nutrition including vege

table proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. If drunk by itself, it is very nourishing. However, if taken together with e

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. Eggs are, of course, very rich in p▓rotein. Various countries coping with the food crisisDuring the food summit, people in the world's most populated A

rab co▓untry Egypt are complaining about high food prices. And Latin American countries are ▓takin

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g various measures to cope with rising prices. Egypt is dependent on imported food and has been▓ wracked by

social unrest as many peopl▓e struggle with stagnant wages and high inflation.Mohamed Farouk, Cairo reside

nt, said, "Before, with ten Egyptian pounds, about 1.87 US dollars you could get a bottle of oil and one k

ilo of sugar ▓but now it does not even buy one bottle of oil."Egyptian o▓fficials also warn about the consequences of the country's increasing p

opulation. They say the country should use new methods of agriculture, re-cultivate more land to increase crop production▓.People in Peru are encourage

d to eat more potatoes, s▓ince it's cheaper than wheat and corn. And the government will carry out a programme, which will provide ▓financial aid to p

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